BIM & Design


Integration with our design team right from the initial stages of a project allows the early identification of cost-effective and innovative solutions throughout the entire building lifecycle.

Our commitment to becoming one of the leading users of the BIM platform has been demonstrated by a number of significant actions, including:

  • EFECO has recruited and trained discipline engineers and BIM modellers with BIM capabilities.
  • EFECO has implemented Revit 2017 as the BIM platform.

As an integral component of EFECO's management commitment, the company has invested in, as part of their in-house capabilities, the provision of the latest BIM platform and has recruited qualified resources for its implementation using Revit 2017.

EFECO’s implementation of Revit 2017 as the BIM platform for current projects means the company has built a fully-fledged team comprising eight modellers led by a BIM Manager operating with full capacity. Four additional modellers are now under recruitment. We have implemented BIM for a number of ongoing projects, including MTB Terminal – Abu Dhabi; Terminal 2 Airport – Dubai; Creekside 18 – Dubai; Abu Dhabi Plaza – Kazakhstan; UAE Pavilion @ Expo 2020 – Dubai; and AMMROC Project - Al Ain.


Design - Benefits of BIM

  • Better coordination (BIM clash detection)
  • Enhanced production rates (fewer abortive site works)
  • Higher quality of works
  • Decreased cost
  • New revenue and business opportunities
  • Open window to utilise prefabricated modular installation on-site.
BIM High Level Challenges
  • Manage and control large flows of project data
  • High volume drawing production, circa 13,000
  • Impacts and delays due to approvals and resubmission
  • Early co-ordination to understand stakeholder information requirements
  • Agreed rules and policies
  • Collaboration and integrated working
  • Two teams – production and model management to achieve focused, efficient working
  • Pre-agree outline specification and strategy with main contractor
  • Submittals “owned” during approval process
  • Approval data in BIM used to commission