Pre-fabrication & Modular System


  • MEP prefabrication: leveraging our BIM capability
  • An integral part of management’s commitment to achieve greater in-house capabilities
  • Optimising BIM technology with Arabtec Construction to develop in-house MEP prefabrication capability is a logical next step in driving efficiency and predictability into EFECO’s operations
  • Prefabrication and modular systems should have a positive impact on engineering, procurement, co-ordination, quality, safety, and logistics lead to less waste. Construction will be quicker, more efficient, and most importantly there will be less re-construction
  • EFECO has considered prefabrication and modular systems as a default approach to the delivery of works.
Pre-fabrication Strength:

MEP Racks including:

  • Plant rooms, corridors and risers/back of house
  • Conventional installations
  • 500,000 ft² production including manufacturing facility & design office
  • Fully co-ordinated 2D and 3D drawings, utilising latest software
  • 600 2D x 6m modules per month
  • 300 3D x 6m modules per month
  • Technical and tendering support provided by qualified engineers
  • High degree of accuracy, cost certainty and quality control
  • Mobilise within 4 weeks
Prefabrication and Modular System Benefits
  • On-site labour savings
  • Accurate programming and production calculations determined
  • Management and deployment of on-site labour becomes less complicated
  • Semi-skilled labour can be utilised
  • Reduces build and installation times
  • Reduction of on-site plant hire and equipment costs
  • Delivered direct to installation face, reducing materials storage requirements
  • Reduces waste material on-site.